One box includes 24 packs of straws (960 straws in total), one pack includes 40 straws. The straws come in two sizes – 16 cm and 20 cm. The price on this page also includes the VAT.

Dip drinking straws are produced in Estonia from reed grown on Abruka Island. The straws are safe for both the user and the environment. No chemicals are used in the production of the straws. The reed is cleaned and cut mechanically and then processed using water and heat. Dip drinking straws are meant to be used more than once. It is important to make sure the straw is clean and in one piece before reuse. The product has been certified by an accredited laboratory and is in accordance with EU Commission Regulation No. 2023/2006 and the requirements of the Veterinary and Food Board of Estonia.

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DIP joogikõrred
Naturama OÜ

Naturama OÜ (Company registry code: 14627079)
Mäe, Abruka küla, Saaremaa vald, Saare maakond, 93826
info@dip.ee 5041640

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