GESS Shake Vibration Plate GESS-081

Gess Shake Vibration Plate is a unique electric massager for the whole body. The plate operates on the principle of vibration, muscles contraction (30-50 times per second) and relaxation. The Shake plate can be used for massage, stretching, and power training. It is suitable for the whole body. You can work out legs, hips, buttocks, arms, calves, and shoulders.

The massage has 4 automatic modes. Choose the most convenient program depending on your aim:

1. Relax and stretching (10 minutes)
2. Stretching and gentle movements (15 minutes)
3. Stretching and running (20 minutes)
4. Jogging and stretching (25 minutes)

Manual mode allows setting the time and intensity levels. You can gradually change the intensity from 1 to 99 and select the most convenient level. Use the remote control or LCD display for choosing the mode and customizing your own settings.

Shake Vibromassager is a great solution for those who lead active lifestyle and want to get great results in a short period of time. 10-minute training a day with Shake equals to 2-hour workout in a gym!

For more effective training you can use dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and other sports equipment. Shake vibrating plate can enhance the benefit of such exercises as squats, hold-ups, quad stretch, lunges and many more. The plate is suitable for beginners and experienced athletes! Maximum load is 100 kg.

Set of exercises on the vibrating plate can help you achieve great results within a short period of time:
• stimulate weight loss
• burn fat cells
• tighten skin
• improve muscle elasticity
• prevent cellulite
• promote the elimination of toxins
• stimulate collagen production
• improve joint flexibility
• tone the whole body
• relax after intensive physical activity

Technical information:

Article: GESS-081 black

Voltage, V/HZ: 220/50

Power, W: 200

Automatic timer, min: 10

Net/gross weight, kg: 9,3/10,5

Package size, mm: 57,5 x 41 x 16,5

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