Peak Design camera clip Capture Clip V3, silver

49,99 €

Peale lattu jõudmist on valmis väljasaatmiseks 3 päevaga..
The order will be ready in 3 days at the latest.
Expand yoour carry options
With a 2nd Capture clip you can switch from backpack to belt carry instantly, or leave a clip permanently attached to your favorite pack.

Customize your carry
Need Manfrotto RC2 compatibility? Want to carry binoculars, a GoPro, or a lens? Get the clip-only SKU and add any of our plates and adapter kits for a totally custom setup.

Works with any plate/kit
When used with any of our adapter plates/kits, Capture (Clip Only) can carry cameras, lenses, GoPros, or binoculars.

Instant access
Instantly access camera with quick release button

Total security
Redundant security lock prevents accidental release

Weatherproof & water friendly
All parts are weatherproof and resist rust and saltwater

New for V3
Way smaller
30% lighter, 20% narrower, 20% lower profile than Capture v2

All-metal build
Aluminum alloy chassis, backplate, quick-release button and stainless steel locking pin

Anodized finish
For increased durability and smoothness

Embedded grip in backplate for maximum slip resistance

2 sets of bolts
Thumb-drive bolts for easy clamping and unclamping
Hex-drive bolts for more secure/permanent installation or thicker straps

  • Clip: 83 × 40 × 20 mm
  • Weight: 70 g

  • In the box:
    • 1 × Capture Clip
    • 2 × hand drive bolts
    • 2 × hex drive long bolts
    • 1 × 4mm hex wrench
    • 1 × microfiber pouch
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