Platinet kitchen scale + cutting board PCBZB03

29,99 €

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The Platinet cutting board has a large surface which is ideal for preparing food precisely and conveniently. The board has an additional sliding drawer, which is also a fully functional kitchen scale.

The kitchen scale is equipped with a large display informing about weight, current status and settings - units, reloading indicator and information low battery etc.

It has a tare function that allows you to weigh the weight of the products without taking into account the weight of the bowl or other container in which they are found.

Cutting board
  • Dimensions: 28,0 × 22,8 × 3,5 cm
  • Material: bamboo

  • Scale:
    • Max koad: 5 kg
    • LCD display
    • Units: g/oz
    • Power supply: 1× CR2032
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