About Astri Group

We consider ourselves people who think alike; we are motivated by similar values and launch exciting projects that enrich community life. Our aim is to create new attractive living environments where retail, entertainment, services, homes and businesses amplify one another. We are guided by the following principles:

Experience-driven commerce all over Estonia

We have almost 30 years of experience in the development of trading environments and the provision of lease and maintenance services. As our first development, we opened Lõunakeskus in 2001, which, over the years, we have grown into the biggest retail park in South Estonia.

Today, Astri Group consists of Lõunakeskus in Tartu, Pärnu Centre in Pärnu, Astri and Fama Centres in border town Narva and Baltic Station Market and Central Market in Tallinn.

Also, the Group is still based on only Estonian capital.

visitors per year
stores & services
200 000
m2 of retail space

Taking all stakeholders/parties into consideration

We take pride in having partners we have worked together with for more than 20 years. This is no accident – we consciously create long-term relationships. We help our partners when they are in need of advice and support as new businesses. We share our marketing know-how and offer support with our tools so that they can stand on their own two feet.

With us, our partners can concentrate on the things that they are truly good at – trading, communicating with customers, entertainment and service provision. Because we take care of the rest. We offer an integrated service that combines both the physical as well as the virtual world.

The customer and their family come to us in search of pleasant experiences. Whether to buy something, meet their friends for a meal, spend some time or learn something useful. At Astri, the customer will find all of this in one place – with some extra space to breathe.

As a member of the team, a person can do something truly meaningful – something that citizens will care about and something that visitors from abroad will come to see especially, to take a look at the local marvel in person.

We help our partners when in need of advice and support – this brings confidence that their business will be successful.

Shared values that motivate us

Synergy with the community

We communicate actively with the local community and think of ways to contribute to improving the life of people living in the neighbouring areas. We have created an environment that offers plenty to do – from sports activities to having a meal, from playing games to going to the cinema.

Environmental development

We understand that every decision we make contributes to the ecological footprint we leave behind. This is why we prefer digital solutions to printing and why we encourage our partners to sell their products without packaging. We eagerly welcome all retailers and producers who concentrate on recycled and sustainable products and services. Let's all think green!

Long-term partnership

We are proud that several major brands, such as H&M, Sportland and Apollo Kino are major cooperation partners of Astri Group in Estonia. We consciously create long-term relationships. We help our partners when in need of advice and support – this brings confidence that their business will be successful.


We believe that inventive solutions bring people to us. This is why we are curious and dare to be playful – be it life-size giraffes on the waiting room walls in front of the toilets in Lõunakeskus, a giant sparrow on the market place or fast food in the meat section of the market hall. Baltic Station Market gave the concept of market a whole new meaning. I wonder what unexpected ideas we will come up with in Central Market?

Astri Grupp

Our developments

We are known for our innovative developments both in Estonia as well as in our neighbouring countries. Our projects have been received favourably by local communities, and they all have their own image.

Recent developments

LõunaTERA school building in Tartu
Astri Köök production facility in Tartu

Future developments

Central Market in Tallinn
Radisson RED hotel in Tallinnas
Baltic Station Market, 2nd stage in Tallinn