The new Balti Jaama Turg (Baltic Station Market in English) is a unique universal market in Estonia where people can buy and sell food, manufactured goods, antiques and much more. There are almost 300 different merchants and shops at the market.

Trading takes place on three different levels and in the kiosks and stands outside the buildings.

Baltic Station Market — Fruit

There is a supermarket and a gym on the underground floor of the market, but on the first floor there is a large fish and meat hall along with a diverse street food area with almost 20 different eateries. The second floor is dedicated mainly to Estonian design and handicrafts, clothes, household goods and antiques.

The mission of Baltic Station Marketis to develop a healthy and balanced diet while valuing clean and fresh ingredients and showing appreciation for the fine art of cooking.

The architectural design was created by KOKO architects.

Baltic Station Market — Hommikuväljak


The exciting and colourful history of Baltic Station Market started with the construction of Verner’s limestone warehouses in late 19th century and includes the establishment of the legendary market in 1993.

Take a look at the History of Baltic Station Market by Jaak Juske.

Baltic Station Market — Farmers Market

Astri Group

Baltic Station Market is a member of the Astri Group the the largest retail property developer in Estonia. In addition to Baltic Station Market, Astri Group, which was established in 1991, also operates Lõunakeskus in the university city of Tartu, Pärnu Center in the summer resort of Pärnu, Astri Center and Fama Center in the border city Narva, and DEPOO in the capital Tallinn.

Online marketplace & e-market

All of Astri Group’s centres and markets can be found online at, where you can order your favourite products using one shopping cart from many different stores, saving time and money.

Soon, an e-market will also be added to, where people who live in Tallinn and its surrounding areas can have fresh food delivered to their doorstep.

Baltic Station Market — Juustukuningad

For corporate customers

Would you like become a merchant on the Baltic Station Market? Read the terms and conditions and take a look at the options we offer on the Corporate Customer Page of Astri Group.