For the people of Ukraine

Help and support the people of Ukraine, whose normal lives have been disrupted by the war. Both the families who have had to flee their homeland and the brave people back home need all the help they can get. Each of us can find ways to help depending on our own resources (by donating things, making financial contributions, volunteering).

For the people of Ukraine

Here we have compiled a list of different organisations and activities.

  • Campaign "For Ukraine!" This campaign is organised by three Estonian NGOs, NGO Estonian Refugee Council, NGO Mondo and NGO Ukrainian Cultural Centre to help residents close to the front line and other vulnerable groups.

  • Estonian Red Cross collects both material and monetary donations.

  • The Rescue Association. The first aid consignment for rescuers in Ukraine was sent out 04.03. The next patch of rescue equipment is already being assembled.

  • Tallinn Children's Hospital Foundation. The Foundation invites Estonian people to make donations in support of the Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital in Kyiv.

  • Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation. The Foundation is ready to help Ukrainian children who have arrived in Estonia and need treatment.

  • The Estonian Children's Literature Centre is open to donations of picture books with less text, colouring books, drawing paper and art supplies, which will be given to families arriving from Ukraine. Donations can be brought to the Estonian Children's Literature Centre (Pikk 73, Tallinn).

  • NGO Loomus has compiled a thorough overview of ways to help Ukrainian animals. Includes organisations in both Estonia and Ukraine.

  • The Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund has created an environment where employers can post their job offers and people who have arrived from Ukraine or their contacts in Estonia can contact employers and find out about job opportunities.

  • Supporting Ukrainian armed forces. The National Defence Promotion Foundation, founded by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Defence, together with the Estonian Reserve Officers' Association, launched a donation campaign to support the treatment of victims of the Ukrainian war in Estonia or other allied countries.

You can donate by calling the donation phone lines:

Call 900 5380 to donate €5

Call 900 2380 to donate €25

You can also donate to the account of the National Defence Promotion Foundation EE162200221078603616 with the explanation "Support for Ukraine".

  • The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Defence and the Estonian Reserve Officers' Association launched a donation campaign to support the treatment of victims of the Ukrainian war in Estonia or other allied countries. See more here

  • Financial donations can also be sent directly to Ukraine. Information and bank account details can be found on the official website of Ukraine.

Care for and notice those around you!

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