Parking in Keskturg

There are three car parks for visitors coming to Keskturg, where the first hour is free with a parking clock and each subsequent 30 minutes costs EUR 1.75.

The visitor parking zone is EP52. The parking metre is located on Lastekodu Street and on the side of the administrative building at Keldrimäe 9. The most convenient way to pay for parking, however, is to use mobile payment. The car parks are operated by Europark OÜ.

1. There are 25 parking spaces in the car park next to Lastekodu Street (marked with a green arrow on the map below, open to visitors 24/7);

2. There are 35 parking spaces in the car park in front of the administration building on Keldrimäe Street (marked with a blue arrow on the map below);

3. There is a car park with 28 parking spaces in the area between Grossi store and the market, which can be accessed from both Lastekodu Street and Keldrimäe Street (marked with a red arrow in the diagram below).

Access to the car park for market visitors is available from Liivalaia and Lastekodu Streets, as well as via Tartu mnt through Torupilli and F. R. Kreutzwaldi Streets.

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