Opening hours


E-L  10-20,  P  10-18


E-P 10-18

Toidukauplus Rimi

E-P 8-22

Apotheka apteek

E-R 9-20, L 10-20 P 10-18

Swedpank (eelbroneerimisega) 

E-R 10-17, L-P suletud

MyFitness Spordiklubi

E-R 7-22, L-P 9-21


E-N 9-20, R-L 9-21, P 10-19

Ehitus ABC

E-L 9-20 P 10-18


E-P 9-20


E-L 9-20, P 10-18

Silver Dream 

E-R 9-19, L 10-17, P suletud

Salva Kindlustus

E-R 10-19, L 10-17, P suletud


E-P 9-20

Eraldi sissepääsuga teenusepakkujad: 


E-R 8-19 L-P 9-16


E-R 9-19, L 10-15, P suletud


E-R 9-19, L 10-15, P suletud

Sõbralt sõbrale

E-R 10-19, L 10-16, P suletud


E-P 10-22


Kohvik OMA 

E-R 9-20, L-P 9-21

Petchki Lavotchki

E-P 10-20

Japani mama

E-N 12-20, R-L 12-21, P 12-20


E-P 10-20

Restoran Pärl

E-P 12-21

Sushi Crisis

E-N 11-22, R-L 11-23, P 11-22

PS! Keskuses viibimise sisekorra reeglistiku leiad siit

The opening hours of several establishments may differ from the standard opening hours. Check the opening hours of each specific shop, restaurant or service establishment in the Guide. Opening hours may also differ during holiday periods and campaigns. We will provide information about this on the home page.

Fama keskus

The shopping center with the largest selection of home and interior goods in Narva has more than 80 stores and service providers. The center is represented by such home goods stores as Home4YouJysk, construction store Ehituse ABC and recycling store From friend to friend.

The largest sports club in the region is located on the third floor of the center MyFitness. For sports fans, the center's stores offer a wide range of sports and leisure products Sportland and Rademar. A large selection of electronic shops is also represented, the most famous of which are OnOffKlick and ArvutitarkClothing stores are located in Fama Center, among others  Selfie FashionSAX & Rõivad and Denim Dream outlet. The center also houses a spacious bookstore Mnogoknig and a favorite grocery store of many Rimi.

On the first floor of Fama Keskus there is an open food court - the perfect place to take a short break from shopping and have a refreshing coffee with a sweet bite. MonkPietri PizzaChocolaterie Parisienne, < a href="">Sushi Crisis and cafe OMA  is only part of the center's shopping places. 

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