The air quality in the shopping center is good - 577 ppm

How to get here

Lõunakeskus is located on the southern border of Tartu, roughly 3.5 km from downtown by Riia street. It takes about 10 minutes to get here from downtown by car and 45 minutes on foot.

I take a bus

There are a total of three bus stops in the vicinity of Lõunakeskus: Teaduspark, Riia Ring and the closest of the three Lõunakeskus (at Entrance No. 5). For viewing schedules and routes in information system, click on the stop name.

Make sure to check out the schedule of the Lõunakeskus express bus which is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

Bus cards are available at Rimi information desk.

I drive a car

Enter the address of Lõunakeskus (Ringtee 75, Tartu) or following coordinates 58.383096 N, 26.694194 E on your GPS.

I take a taxi

The taxi stop is at Entrance No. 3. A taxi can be ordered by dialling 1555 or 730 0200.

I ride a bike

There are bike racks at every entrance. At the entrance by the ice rink there is also a year-round guarded and enclosed parking facility for bicycles.

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