How to get here


Lõunakeskus is situated at the southern boundary of Tartu by Riga Highway, which is about 3.5 kilometres from the city centre, so walking here takes around 45 minutes.



A bike storage space is situated next to each entrance.

The Tartu Smart Bike Share site can be found next to Lõunakeskus entrance no. 2 (on the Takko/Taluturg side).

Bolt electric scooters. You can rent a Bolt electric scooter at Lõunakeskus, with rental points at entrances no. 5 (on the Euronics/Rimi side) and no. 3 (main entrance). If you arrive here on a scooter, you can leave it wherever you like.



There are three bus stops near Lõunakeskus: Teaduspark, Riia Ring and Lõunakeskus (the latter stop is right next to entrance no. 5). You can use to check out the routes and timetables. Bus passes can be bought and renewed at the Lõunakeskus Rimi information desk.

Be sure to check out the timetable of the FREE Lõunakeskus express bus.



A taxi rank is situated in front of entrance no. 3 (main entrance). You can order a taxi by phone: 1200 or 730 0200 (Tartu Taxi Park). The Bolt taxi service is available in Tartu as well.



Lõunakeskus address: Lääneringtee 39, Tartu. It is only a 10-minute drive from the city centre. View the parking options.

The Eleport electric car charging station is located on Optika Street, you can pinpoint the location HERE.

The Enefit VOLT electric car charging station is located in the parking lot of thrift stores, you can pinpoint the location HERE.

The Elektrum Drive electric car charging station is located in the parking lot of thrift stores, you can pinpoint the location HERE.