Change starts with us, and the desire to make progressive and sustainable choices. Small actions can lead to big and positive consequences. We invite visitors to Lõunakeskus to reduce their footprint and create positive change together. Our actions speak for themselves!

Here are some options for selling, donating and properly sorting your products at Lõunakeskus.


You can bring clean and undamaged clothes, footwear, books, music, tableware, toys, household textiles, hobby and sports equipment, and small household appliances to the Re-use Centre’s donation booth.

♻️ You can find a wide range of second-hand clothes in the re-use store Kriti Riided. Located on the ground floor of Lõunakeskus, see more details here

♻️ The second-hand store Garderoob has racks for rent for anyone looking to sell items they no longer need. Located on the ground floor of Lõunakeskus, see more details here.

♻️ You can trade second-hand clothes at the re-use fair Great Flea Market (Suur Kirbukas). The event is organised by Lõunakeskus and Basaar every spring.

♻️ You can bring your second-hand winter gear to the Great Ski Fair (Suur Suusalaat). The fair takes place every year in November.

♻️ Sort through your textiles and bring them to H&M (all textiles, including clothes, children’s clothes and home textiles).

♻️ Garment repairs and sewing services are provided by the Lõunakeskus sewing workshop.

♻️  Your shoes will be repaired by a shoemaker operating in our Centre.


♻️ Take any books you have left at home to the shelf for free books in the Centre (near Rimi and Lindex).

♻️ You can come and trade your books at the Lõunakeskus Book Fair (Raamatulaat). Follow our social media for the date of the next fair.


♻️  iDeal – you can bring Apple devices in for servicing. The store also collects old small electronic devices.

♻️ Elisa FIX – repair of small electronic devices.

♻️ Maxi IT – repair of small electronic devices.

♻️ Telepoint – repair of mobile phones and collection of old phones.

♻️ Euronics – repair of electronic devices. In addition, there are collection boxes for light bulbs, batteries and small electronic devices.

♻️ Rimi, Coop Maksimarket and Bauhof have collection points where you can bring used batteries, light bulbs, LED bulbs and smaller electronic devices.


♻️ Bring your medicinal products to Apotheka pharmacy. Only prescription and over-the-counter medicinal products are collected. Beauty products, food supplements, etc. are not accepted.


♻️ TILK packaging is collected at our Information Desk

♻️ You can take your reusable shopping bags to the shelf for free books by Rimi.


♻️ During the summer, our community garden welcomes all green thumbs and fans of fresh air. It’s a great place to take a break, enjoy the greenery and have a picnic!

♻️ Join the staff of Astri Group and Lõunakeskus on our annual spring community workday. We urge everyone to do some spring cleaning and maintenance work in their homes and workplaces.

♻️ For tips on how to sort waste in a small apartment, watch this video.


♻️ Bring expired or used Astri Gift Cards to the Information Desk at Lõunakeskus.