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Lõunakeskus Gift Card

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Peale lattu jõudmist on valmis väljasaatmiseks 1 tunniga..
The order will be ready in 1 hours at the latest.
When another holiday or anniversary is knocking on the door, but you’re out of ideas on what to give as a present or don’t want to endure the stress of shopping – we are happy to lend a helping hand!
Now Lõunakeskus gift cards can also be used in Pärnu Center and Pärnu Center gift cards in Lõunakeskus, Tartu!
The new and easy to use gift card includes more than 140 shops in Lõunakeskus and all the shops and restaurants in Pärnu Center.
(including Bauhof, Hawaii Express, Asko, Sotka, Handymann and McDonalds in Lõunakeskus)
One gift card can be used up to its value in different locations. You don’t need to spend the whole sum at once and can divide it between different shops.
Gift cards can not be exchanged for money or new gift cards.
Gift cards are available at the information desk in Lõunakeskus and Pärnu Center. Its balance and validity can be checked on the homepages of both centres or at the information desks.
You can choose the amount you want to put on the gift card! Minimum amount is 5€ (Pärnu Center, 10€ (Lõunakeskus) and maximum amount 300€.
The validity period of a gift card is 1 year starting from the date of purchase.
In order to check the balance of your gift card, log in with your Astri ID and open the account view.
Check the balance of your gift card here: https://astri.ee/account/gift-card
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