XS Mänguasjad

E-P 10-21

XS Mänguasjad

E-P 10-21

XS Mänguasjad

XS Mänguasjad on rahvusvaheline kauplustekett, mis tegutseb Eestis, Lätis, Leedus, Soomes, Rootsis, Gruusias ja Usbekistanis.

Meie kauplused on interaktiivsed mängu- ja meelelahutuskeskkonnad, kus on mõnus koos perega kvaliteetaega veeta.

XS Mänguasjad kauplustest leiab igaüks enda jaoks midagi põnevat!

Külastage meie kaupluseid või tellige kaup e-poest!

Tere tulemast ja rohkem rõõmu!

Hunter, Vulli, Spirit, REVONTULI, PIQIPI, LEGO BAGS, Polesie, Superman, TOYS STATE, Viking Toys, FLOOFIES, Brio, Yo-kai, KIDZ TECH, Trolls, Super Wings, RESCUE FORCE, BRUDER, Adriatic, Spongebob, DOC MCSTUFFINS, GLITTER BABYZ, Monopoly, AWESOME LITTLE GREEN MEN, CAKE POP, WINNING MOVES, MOJI, Monchhichi, HAPPY NAPPERS, DIXIT, XTREM BOTS, Carrera, Power Trains, EXOST, STIKBOT, DARPEJE, Zuru, Magformers, AO JIE, TREFL PUZZLES, UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, RAINBOW RUBY, Geoworld, Muumi, BEBEBEARS, LORI, LIGHTYEAR, Captain America, TALLULA, HEADU, Jurassic World, Star Wars, PAW PATROL, Bullyland, Crayola, 3D LIGHTS, MY LITTLE PONY EG DOLLS, PUNKYMALS, Angry Birds, BARBAPAPA, MACCABI ART, Nerf, SIENCE 4 YOU, Party Popteenies, Siku, BABY ALIVE, GEMEX, IDO3D, Squeezamals, COCOMELON, LEGO BOOKS, Fisher Price, KINDI KIDS, Kinsmart, SIMBA DICKIE, Schleich, POKEMON, Baby Born, ORANGE TOYS, HATCHIMALS, ASMODEE, FurReal, Sambro, BUBBLES, Geomag, Lotte, PUGS AT PLAY, HTI POCKET MONEY, BLUE ROCKET, Trefl, Imoji, NUM NOMS, DOORABLES, GLOOPERS, WORLD´S SMALLEST, Bunchems, Good Dinosaur, Gomu, NATTOU, Lamaze, LITTLE CHARMERS, Slimy, Masha, RUBIK´S CUBE, DISNEY PRINCESSES, BING, Keycraft, DELUXEBASE, PIXIE CREW, Pinypon, Kaloo, PIPPI, HAPPY SNAIL, Fortnite, Matchbox, LIPUVABRIK, Simba, JUST ONE, Bakugan, Barbie, Super Mario, SONIC, Bema, Minecraft, Learning Resources, Power Rangers, THOMAS & FRIENDS, Fashion Angels, SMART GAMES, Peppa Pig, BO-PO, ENCHANTIMALS, MONDO, VIRUS, Pustefix, ZASIA, B. Toys, AMONG US, Make It Real, CUBIC FUN, EXOST LOOP, HUGGY WUGGY, Rick and Morty, DREAM ELLA, Marvel, SLUBAN, TINY TUKKINS, Cave Club, LADY BUG, Infantino, Secret Life of Pets, QUOKKA, Chicco, Dragons, Peppa, Bobbie, PIRATES OF CARRIBEAN, NERF SUPERSOAKER, Trudi, YOOKIDOO, Na!Na!Na!, KID-E-CATS, Lalaloopsy, SPONGE BOB, GO GO BIRD, Quercetti, CHARM-U, Batman, Procos, SQUEAKEE, Disney, MIGHTY BEANZ, FIREMAN SAM, Ravensburger, James Bond, CAT, MOOMIN, My Garden Baby, ANIMAGIC, Little Live Pets, TICKET TO RIDE, Littlest Pet Shop, WABOBA, Treasure X, OH MY GIF, THINKFUN, LG IMPORTS, BUNCH O BALLOONS, VTech, Hello Kitty, Monster High, BIZZY BUBS, SIPSIK, TREE TOYS, Polly Pocket, Gormiti, DOBBLE, Play-Doh, HARRY POTTER, YPERNOVA, Failfix, Poli Robocar, DANTOY, ASTRO VENTURE, Aqua Dragons, Tomy, LARSEN, TY, TOM & JERRY, Injusa, PUPPY IN MY POCKET, Mattel Games, TREFL WOODEN TOYS, JCB, KINETIC SAND, BT21, Pikmi Pops, BAG, Revell, TINC, LION TOUCH, Doh Vinci, Funko, My Little Pony, SMOBY, Amscan, RASTAR, GIPSY TOYS, EVER AFTER HIGH, MAGNA-TILES, Pomsies, Adventure Time, PEEK A ROO, GEGE, Shibajuku, SHIMMEEZ, POP-IT, Moose, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, GLAM GOO, BO, Monsters University, LEGO DUPLO, I LOVE U BABY, ALGA, Teamsterz, Hama, Iron Man, BUKOWSKI, Gazillion, Tactic, Spider-Man, Mattel, Frozen, MSZ, BKids, PANINI, WONDERPARK, STEFFI LOVE, LOST KITTIES, K-KIDS, CRASHEMS, Baghera, Smartrike, SHAKEHEADZ, Spiderman, Roblox, SCENTOS, SILVERLIT, SM GAMES, Transformers, WWF, Furby, Panasonic, SQUISHMALLOWS, L.O.L., Metalions, KADABRA, Little Tikes, CUPCAKE, BIGGERS, POCKET MORPHERS, SES, Playmobil, Masha and the Bear, Planes, MLP, TYTOO, Klein, TOBAR, INSTAGLAM, Beyblade, IQ LEGO, Spy Gear, Disney Princess, WIZTAILS, Keel Toys, Nikko, DOLCE TOYS, LEGO, TECH DECK, Tamago, 4M, TINY TOWN, LUNDBY, DURACELL, Nerf Rebelle, HASBRO Gaming, ROBOALIVE, Y-WOW, TOPBRIGHT, DREAM SEEKERS, Bratz, Air Hogs, Sofia, SCRUFF-A-LUVS, HALILIT, SCOOBY DOO, KID KRAFT, MAGIC MIXIES, DISNEY PLUSH, REAL LITTLES, Schrodel, Kidztech, WTG, Melissa & Doug, ANVOL, GOO JIT ZU, POPPLES, Furzerts, YOKAI-WATCH, Toy State, MAX, WORLD´S SOFTEST, EOLO, 5 SURPRISE MINI BRANDS TOY, Lexibook, Janod, BLINGER, LASER BATTLE HUNTERS, PURSE PETS, Fungus Amungus, MONKART, DIFUZED, GÖTZ, RUBE GOLDBERG, Mega Bloks, LITTLE TIKES OUTDOOR, 44 CATS, Our Generation, MAUI, MESSI, BOOKS, Shaun the Sheep, PLANTOYS, Sylvanian Families, NICI Glubschis, SOPHIE LA GIRAFE, Cars, Blume, DOJO, Minions, Me To You, Nice, Hasbro, PJ Masks, KidKraft, Jamara, Toy Story, CHALKADOOS, MOZABRICK, BARBO TOYS, LORD OF THE RINGS, TOBOT, LASER X, BABY SHARK, TINY FURRIES, NEW ADVENTURES, Pet Parade, Wooky, Bburago, TREFL GAMES, FANTASY PATROL, MOTOR SHOP, Huggies, Baby Annabell, Oddbods, Wild Pets, BRUMEE, Nici, DouDou, Nerf Super Soaker, Razor, Chuggington, Happy People, TELETUBBIES, PRESENT PETS, PELIKO, Hovertech, RUBBABU, TANGLE, GLOVE A BUBBLE, Zapf Creation, Cool, Smurfs, Engino, Avengers, RAINBOW HIGH, AVENIR, SM GUND, KITTY CLUB, LUCY LEO, CubicFun, Oops, CRAYOLA BLOCKS, SKRÄLLAN, Shopkins, Piatnik, POOPSIE, STRETCH ARMSTRONG, Hot Wheels, KENDAMA, WeCool, RUBIES
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Anvol OÜ (Company registry code: 10064863)
Kaldase tee 4 Maardu Harjumaa 74114

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Lõunakeskus is the largest shopping center in Lõuna-Estonia, which is located on Ringtee Street in ääres of the city of Tartu. In addition to the main building, the Lõunakeskus shopping park also includes a construction goods store Bauhof, furnishing stores Sotka and Asko and dealing with flowers and interior Mileedi. Hotel Sophia, which is located next to Lõunakeskus, offers Ööbimisvõisms, where you can also find rated Fii restaurant. And to top it all off, in 2019, Tartu Private School Lõ unaTERA.

Regarding the possibilities for leisure time, Lõunakeskus offers skating Astri ArenaApollo KinoAdventure park and many other exciting and entertaining places. After having a good time, the food places in the center offer refreshment. Both a la carte restaurants and traditional food, such as ChiMeluMy Sushi, < a href="https://astri.ee/lounakeskus/kfc/">KFC, Food Coma< /a>, Kauss and Nobel. Grocery stores in the center include both Rimi and COOP.

There are also two Apotheka pharmacies in the building. In addition, you can also find Estonia's largest Euronics and several other electronics stores here. The clothing stores include well-known brands such as H&MReservedTom TailorIvo Nikkolo and Cropp. From beauty and cosmetic stores both I.L.U and Ideal Cosmetics. Home furnishing and furniture stores are represented by Jysk and AlanDeko. And finally, we have also thought of sports stores. Lõunakeskus has both SportlandRademar as well as Sports Direct.

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